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Making fun, all-ages fantasy comics for adventurous kids!

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Hi, I’m Rene! I created, wrote and made the art for Mythic Creature Trainer and Sneaky Goblins.

I’m a comic artist, writer and animator. I drew for Disney on 10 different films. I also storyboarded on Classic Tales and Bob’s Burgers. I’ve been published in the comic anthologies Monsters and Pulp Crucifiction, and my comics have appeared in The Bizarre Times, Lot’s Wife, Revolver and Mad Magazine.

In 2018 I funded my first graphic novel on Kickstarter, Sneaky Goblins: an all-ages story of fantasy mayhem, inspired by Adventure Time cartoons, Tolkien and World of Warcraft. I followed this up between 2019-2022, funding all four issues of Mythic Creature Trainer.

I’m passionate about creating compelling characters who are thrown into challenging situations. I love playing table top games with my 3 kids, watching movies and playing MMORPG games.


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Did you ever feel like you couldn’t please others, no matter how hard you try?

Ulrick will go to the ends of the earth to try and fix his mistakes! 

The king’s dragon trainer is fired for accidentally unleashing a corruption on the royal stables. He must save his job and his reputation by finding a long-lost cure before the advancing orc horde takes advantage of this new weakness in the kingdom’s defences.

Ulrick (the guy with the dreads) is the main character in Mythic Creature Trainer. He will discover the hard way that approval from others isn’t the most important thing in life. Our hero must come to a balanced view based on his convictions and his new experiences. All the other characters in this story that will stand at different points on this spectrum: some crave approval and status, while others shun it and do what they feel like, without regard for others.

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Sneaky Goblins is an all-ages fantasy-adventure story about an assassin school dropout. Dank got on the headmaster’s bad side and was kicked out of assassin school. He finds his way into a den of gangsters. Their leader, Boris, forces him into an impossible mission to capture a sacred elf relic! Now, the fate of everyone he cares about rests in his tiny, green hands.

He encounters a number of obstacles, each more challenging than the last, including a wild boar, a farmer with a crossbow, and a powerful wizard! Fortunately, he teams up with an unlikely ally: a ukulele-playing orc named Bog. Together, they defeat an unpredictable and powerful mage, battle a squadron of ninja elves, and pull off a great impersonation of a couple of travelling grocers:

Dank levels up his skills along the way and shows the world that he really is a sneaky goblin! 

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